Welcome to our lab website!  We are part of the department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN.   The mechanical engineering department at UMN is typically ranked within the top ten mechanical engineering departments in the nation, as per the National Research Council, and the University of Minnesota is uniquely the only Big Ten University within a major metropolitan area (there more than 3.8 million people in the Twin Cities combined statistical area).   Our laboratory focus is broadly on designing processes utilizing small particles (nanoparticles), molecular clusters, and ions in the gas phase  in manufacturing (film deposition and coatings), materials synthesis, and metrology, as well as in fundamental studies of aerosols and gas phase chemical physics.  We apply experimental, numerical, and theoretical techniques in nearly all of our work.  The links above will lead you to a description of the work we are doing, brief biographies of the faculty, staff, post-doctoral associates, and students in our group, publication lists, and alumni list.  In addition, we are (slowly) building up a variety of educational resources, including data inversion codes for aerosol measurements, Brownian Dynamics algorithms to simulate particle motion, links to particle/ion collision cross section calculators, as well as info on where to purchase hard-to-find but essential equipment in aerosol measurement.