Gas Phase Synthesis & Nanoparticle Growth

Gas-phase methods, such as flame reactors (depicted below), are used routinely for commercial synthesis of nanostructured particles (e.g. fumed silica, pigmentary titania, carbon black, Ni) as well as for advanced materials (e.g. photocatalysts, nanofluids and biomaterials). We are examing the evolution of size and structure of such flame-made particles that determine their optical and mechanical properties are characterized online by differential mobility and aerosol particle mass analyzers combined with condensation particle counters.  Uniquely, we have developed a data inversion to determine two-dimensional size distribution functions for these aggregates, which better describe morphological distributions than traditional one-dimensional measurements.

In addition to the current differential mobility analysis-aerosol particle mass analysis approach we are utilizing, in the past we have developed a Brownian Dynamics (Mean First Passage Time) calculation approach as well as classical trajectory calculations to determine collision rate coefficients/collision kernels for particles of arbitrary shape, at any temperature and pressure, non-spherical particles with ions, and additionally developed and tested equations for the drag coefficient of non-spherical, aggregated particles at arbitrary Knudsen numbers.  Activities in our laboratory from 2010-2015 were heavily devoted to these efforts, and such studies are still on-going in our group.  Please see our publications page where a number of references describing this work are noted, including those listed below.

Relevant Publications

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